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As the Belgian Shephard is a high drive and intelligent dog, we recommend a level of training for you as the owner, regardless of whether or not you use us for training needs. Training will help you learn how to communicate to and with your dog. Spanking a Belgian Shephard will almost never give you the final outcome you seek, so make sure you have some experience with training techniques including both positive reinforcement and behavioral modification.

We offer a 6 week group class that starts at $75 per person/dog pair, as well as private lessons (contact us for details). Classes range from puppy classes to advanced obediance, and we are able to suggest several stellar training programs for advanced training like Belgian Ring, defense, therapy, and service dog training.



    Boarding is currently only being offered to animals that we have personally sold. Please contact us to inquire about boarding, and check back in the next few months for us to open boarding to any dogs.