Puppy Pics  
Kestrel Maquis and her Litter 1 with eight pups on November 25, 2017.  Six boys and two girls.  Pups ready for their forever homes in December 2017 to January 2018.  Call +1 517 240 1329 or write to info@brasic.net to reserve one!

Kes with pups 20171125-1

Kes with pups 20171121-1

Kes with pups

Seska and her Litter 2 with 5 of 7 pups (2 not shown) in July of 2014.  The CBS star Dita The Hair Missile is the second pup from the left.

Seska and Litter 2

Dita the Hair Missile from Seska Litter 2 in September 2014

Dita the Hair Missile

Here is Dita now waiting to shoot in the studio at CBS with co-star David Boreanaz.  She was a litter 2 pup born July 2, 2014 to Seska Maquis and Race Pilsner

Dita at CBS





Pup Kestrel Maquis born Christmas Day 2014 in Litter 3.

Kes puppy photo

Pup Mia Bella born in July of 2013 in Litter 1

Mia Bella
Pup Maxwell Smart born July 2013 in Litter 1

Maxwell Smart

Maxwell Smart as an adult at four years old shown below (front left) with his mother Seska maquis (front right), his sister Kestrel Maquis (center), his father Race Pilsner (rear left) and his uncle Rykker Pilsner (rear right).

Brasic Farms Dogs

Brutus in the snow from Litter 3 in January 2015 (below)

Brutus in the Snow

Kestrel Maquis shown with her favorite ball as a pup from Litter 3 on March 8, 2015 at about 11 weeks of age.

Kes Maquis as a pup

Ace Riot from Litter 1 shown below at 3 years of age in 2016.  Ace Riot has been trained as a Therapy Dog by the West Michigan Therapy Dog Inc. organization and has been certified to visit hospitals and retirement homes.  He was the first ever Belgian Malinois to be certified through WMTD and is a natural due to his calm stable personality and loving disposition.

Ace Riot with horse

This is Bunker shown at about 9 months old with his best dog friend.  Bunker is now a certified PTSD Service Dog trained through the Semper Fido program in New Jersey to help a returning 4 tour combat veteren to live his life in the civilian world again.  Bunker is the very first Belgian Malinois to graduate from the program and was even allowed to visit his famous uncle Jordan that works at the White House for the Secret Service.

Bunker with his pal

Playing in the snow Seska Maquis following Race Pilsner and Belle Maquis with Maxwell Smart in the bottom right.  January 2015