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Race Pilsner (born April 24th of 2012) comes from Belgian blood lines and is registered through NBVK (BR 23902), UKC (P765-395), and UCA (UC13419M). Race is a red and sable dog with a solid athletic physique bred for Belgian Ring and Protection Dog work.

He is a line bred grandson of the legendary European champion of Belgian Ring A'Tim, and the son of Wassam, the stunt double dog from Season 1 of the CBS Show Person of Interest.  Race also has a famous brother, the United States Secret Service dog named Jordan who took down the White House fence jumper in October 2014.

Race exhibits a true work ethic, has a high play drive, he is socially stable, and is physically a very solidly built example of the breed.

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Seska Maquis (pronounced "Ma-Key") born April 4th, 2011 is from Dutch working bloodlines mostly of scent work and search and rescue dogs. Both of her parents were imported from Netherlands.

Seska is registered through AKC (DN30674603), UKC (P763-279), and UCA (UC13420F). Her pedigree includes CH Rakker, Arras, and Frieda's Home Sam.

Seska has impressive problem solving skill, sharp scent work skill, and a strong desire to finish the job. She loves working and wearing uniforms. 

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Kestrel Maquis (pronounced "Ma-Key") born Christmas Day, 2014 on Brasic Farm is the daughter of Seska Maquis and Race Pilsner.  She is also the full sister of Dita The Hair Missile of the CBS show Seal Team.Kestrel Maquis

Kes is registered through UKC (P763-279). Her pedigree includes A'Tim, Wassam, CH Rakker, Arras, and Frieda's Home Sam.  She was pick of  our Litter 3 to keep as a new breeding female for her favorable temperament and intelligence.

Kes like her mother has impressive intelligence, and a sharp nose.  She also has her father's loyalty and affection for her handler and family.  She is a socially stable 55 pound dark Mahogany and Sable dog with a full dark face mask.  Kes is eager to please her handler, but little Kestrel Maquis is a dominant dog with some of the fierceness of her namesame and is not intimidated easily. 

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