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Race Pilsner exemplifies the Belgian ideals, he's a gorgeous example of a Belgian Shephard.


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Race Pilsner (born April 24th of 2012) comes from Belgian blood lines and is registered through NBVK (BR 23902), UKC (P765-395), and UCA (UC13419M). He is a line bred grandson of the legendary A'Tim, and the son of Wassam. Race exhibits a true work ethic, has a high play drive, next to zero human aggression, and is physically a very solidly built example of the breed.



Seska has impressive problem solving skill, sharp scent work skill, and a strong desire to finish the job. She loves working and wearing uniforms.

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Seska Maquis (pronounced "Ma-key) born April 4th, 2011 is from Dutch working bloodlines mostly of scent work and search and rescue dogs. Both of her parents were imported from Netherlands. Seska is registered through AKC (DN30674603), UKC (P763-279), and UCA (UC13420F). Her pedigree includes CH Rakker, Arras, and Frieda's Home Sam.